Holiday meal – Oh, no!


Well, I guess everything went on a holiday with a good intention. But all my strategies jumped out of the window. First of all do you buy all the food I love? I know to eat them! As soon as I take out the tray, I am careful about this and that. I always verify my behavior. (I will go for a walk tomorrow!)

Now is the time to eat staple food. Do I run my action plan, will you return to the same food pattern I had for years? How many calories did you eat on that big day?

I will sit down and be honest about myself and try to write down what I think you ate all day. You will be shocked by the amount of food. Even if you sniff small things throughout the day. I asked myself if it was a game plan that you started the day. You probably will answer it "no."

But this is a wonderful time to know how you can make a change. That's why everyday food magazines are important. It is not just about writing what you eat.

So you do not have to overcome the guilt of not having control of yourself. I am aware that today is a new day and time to take action. Do not wait for tomorrow. Please try a nice cleansing program. I always do after the holidays. I eat a lot of food. I helped keep weight as many clients helped me to weight my goal. One of my secrets is the Master Cleanse of 10th. It has a great cleansing recipe. There are other things, my clients love their feelings.

Here are the challenges – it is better not to do anything for exercise or walking for 10 minutes. So let it move! Please do not change so much as to offend your lifestyle. But please change now.

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