Help your child lose weight


Childhood obesity does not need to be a fashion. As a parent, we are very responsible for their health, helping children to lose weight. It is too easy to get into a bad eating habit. Taking care of busy schedules and domestic work at work, picking up the phone and ordering pizza is a bad habit.

Gradually change

You do not have to suddenly announce that everyone is eating, but family efforts are easy for everyone. Start by introducing more fruits and vegetables at mealtime. Do not buy soda and potato chips. Juice was ok but again, moderately. Please make sure everyone drinks more pure water every day.

Make homemade vegetables pizza. Involve the whole family. Please use whole flour for crust and low fat cheese. You do not have to give up your favorite food. Healthy snacks are served by picking raw vegetables. Changing the diet of the whole family will help your child to lose weight and will not be deprived or punished.

By eating small pieces and eating every few hours, they do not feel hungry and need to spend the night. That is what you eat.

Encourage activities

If you are interested in after school sports, please go outside and practice. Become more active and participate in family activities to help your child lose weight and become better shape.

There is a family bicycle day. Stuff a healthy lunch and ride a bicycle track or drive to your favorite hiking spot. By doing this, everyone will live a healthier life. Your child will be happy for it. You will have a good time together.

Set an example

Move yourself and make that active role model. Turn off the TV and limit the video game time. If the game is family activities, please invest in Wii-Fit. This will give you some game time and exercise. Compete each other with a high score. Good sweat!

By making fun of exercise, they will not avoid it. Please try to activate at least an hour every day. Eliminating healthy eating, gradually eliminating junk and fast food will help to reduce your child's weight and they will not even recognize it.

The main thing is to get enough fiber, lean meat, fruits and vegetables in combination with moderate exercise. You can do it. You can set an example and make it interesting and fun.

Healthy Eating Tips

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