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A precious song can be a whisper of the Lord. Have you ever heard a song that brought you to a certain moment in time? For me, it's Hail Mary. It was one of my mother's favorites; It will always remind me of her.

One of my best memories is when she was in the hospital after she fell and broke her hip. After multiple surgeries, he finished with a ventilator for about a week. She began to recover consciousness and was transferred from the ICU. My brother Tony and I followed her to her new room.

Once his nurses left the room, Tony began to sing Ave Maria to mom. While his tender but powerful voice reached the notes as only he could do, tears ran down my face when Mom recognized his presence.

When I went to the bathroom to dry my eyes, I was surprised to see one of the housewives standing there. With tears in the air, he murmured: "Who … who is that singer? His voice … is so beautiful."

I told him it was my younger brother, Tony. While she was still wiping her eyes, she said, "God knew I needed to hear it today, I'm usually not on this floor," she informed me, "but my supervisor sent me here to clean up this fourth today." [19659002] You see, Beloved, when we exercise the gifts that God places within us, it touches people we may never know. Tony had no idea he was ministering to one of the girls in the hospital. He simply did what was natural for him.

Sometimes we believe that we are not qualified to do what God has called us to do. But whether it's talking or singing or teaching, or whatever He has called us to do, be it to a multitude of thousands or to an audience of one, He only wants us to respond and He will do the rest.

Let us catch a glimpse of this from 1 Samuel. The Lord called the young Samuel, "Then the Lord called Samuel . And the boy answered:" Speak, for your servant is listening "1 Samuel 3:10 NIV But supporting only a few verses, we read that Samuel heard the voice on three different occasions, he thought …

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