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Healthy weight loss must be the only weight loss you take.

Fashionable meals, weight loss tablets, and other high speed weight loss trades can easily and easily hurt you in the long run. Some of the things may work, but it is not eternal. In order to achieve healthy weight loss, we must make a lifelong commitment.

Healthy weight loss is achieved by a change in mindset by accepting a new healthy lifestyle that you can conquer your inner walls It is even hard!

A healthy lifestyle is conscious of how you eat automatically. Carbohydrates are not evil, proteins are not a miraculous weight loss food group, fat does not kill you (some of them) .

The way you have to see healthy weight loss is a conscious mind and common sense approach. The pyramid of food was told to eat your vegetables like a child.

The key to a healthy mind, body, and soul is a balanced approach. Even if it is apparently "good for you", much of what is "bad for you" becomes negative.

Life is balanced across all disciplines, but still with your approach to healthy weight loss.

Please check this. It is recommended that you obtain it from each food group every day or at least balance it by the weekend.

* The lower side of serving is related to those who need 1,600 calories daily, the highest serving part is for people who need 2600 calories.

  • Bread, grain, oats: Every day it should aim for 6 to 11 people from this group. This food group can be rice, bread, pasta, cold cereal, oatmeal, wheat cream and whatever.
  • Fruit: Fruits contain many valuable vitamins such as vitamin C and A. Eating 2-4 times a day helps to boost your immune power and vitality in the body. In addition, most fruits differ in that they slow down releasing sugars like apples from saccharides that release promptly like bananas. When you need to spend a tough time, use a fruit instead of a snack bar, eat during a meal, increase a little.
  • Veggies: Like fruits, vegetables give precious and very necessary vitamins + minerals to help you rebuild your body, diseased, balanced living. Also, from eating vegetables cooked lightly from various vegetables, you can get many antioxidants. Please eat about 2-5 vegetables and vegetables a day. Please think about it like this. What color vegetables did you eat today? The idea is to get different colors there, as each may provide different but important sequences of vitamins and minerals.
  • Dairy products: OK Here, lactose intolerance that occurs when the body stops production sufficiently, what is known as lactose, lactose, a protein enzyme that degrades lactose known as lactose Yes. However, the idea of ​​drinking dairy is to get various vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and mineral calcium. Plus milk is rich in proteins useful for muscle growth. Also, dairy products of active live culture such as cottage cheese and yoghurt promote healthy and balanced digestive system. These living cultures help to balance the good bacteria in the intestines, digest and digest foods. Please try taking 2 ~ 3 meals of dairy product a day.
  • Meat: Meat supplies many important minerals and is the best food group for iron absorption. Meat also supplies complete amino acids to aid muscle repair, growth, and enzyme production. It is better to eat less fat meat like chicken or fish than to eat 12 ounces steak every evening. Also, each piece of meat must be about 3 oz, but it is not huge but only the amount of protein and minerals. 2-3 Serving approximately 3 ounces daily is appropriate.
  • Fat: This group is a group that is sparingly taken. Now, your body needs fat. Since about 60% of adipose tissue is composed only by your brain, is not it reasonable to require fat in your body to help brain functions? But which is fat? The idea is to supply yourself polyunsaturated fatty acids and fatty acids of monounsaturated fatty acids, but avoid saturated fats and trans fat. (Oxidized fat without nutritional value) You can live your healthy life without consuming saturated fats. I do not need them. But there is no doubt about the fat of nuts, fish, oils and fats like olive oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil. These beneficial fats provide important omega fatty acids your body can use for repair function. I am convinced that you are seeing the label "" essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 ". Saturated fats and trans fats are unnecessary and can be completely avoided, but even with moderation it will not surely kill you!

The goal for a healthy weight loss trip is great, but knowing what the goal is, reminding yourself every day, make long-term adjustments. Some days are moving more slowly than others. One day temptation is great, and in some cases it may be spoiled by it. However, it is currently possible to control what your behavior is. Maintain a state of conscious mind and realize your goal.

The idea here is not to take away what you love, but to move to a variety of things you can enjoy. Better your health, the better you feel, the more you will want to stick to the healthy weight loss.

In order for you to achieve this, you first need to allow yourself to act.

The goal of healthy weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week. You can accomplish this by grasping the current calorie needs and reducing daily caloric intake to 500-700. Doing so will cause you "calorie deficiency" and your body will use fat tissue as energy, but you will not avoid being hungry or loving.

It is important to note that 1 pound of fat is equivalent to about 3500 calories. Therefore, by reducing the caloric intake to 500 liters daily or less, one pound per week in the red deficit week of 3500 calories.

Of course, by adding fitness, you can easily increase calories burned every day while improving results while increasing calorie shortage.

The lifestyle approach finds the balance of all you eat, so "bad for you" is not too bad either. You can still enjoy the pleasure of cooking, but eat healthy, fresh fruit, raw and cooked vegetables, frequent than sweet sweet late going out late.

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