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Everyone knows about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables everyday, not just once a month, but once a week. But the problem is too frequent for most of us to enter the habit of choosing a quick and unhealthy way to erase our appetite during meals. Usually this is in the form of potato chips, 20 oz bottles or soda, or one of the many big bags of many famous milk chocolate candy bars.

But are you aware of how these types of snacks are damaging your body? If diabetes is overweight or boundary, you need to worry only with sugar inflow.

The fact of strictly casting is that there is 67.5 grams of sugar in one 20 ounce bottle of coke. If that amount is difficult to imagine, consider that amount as 16 teaspoons or 1/4 cup sugar! Hopefully keep in mind the image of the mind when remembering next time to open the bottle of soda. Pouring 1/4 cup of sugar into a 20 ounce drink shows that it is not healthy for your body in any way.

Fruit contains fructose, but soda has more than that, but it is often consumed soon, so you have to handle all the sugar at once. Eating apples is a slower process before fructose absorption takes place at a slow pace. The paste is easy to handle by the body, especially the liver.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to get fruits in your daily nutrition is to take apples, pears or peaches and work at breaks and enjoy. What you need to do is wash fruits well with rinse / water and wipe dry with a paper towel before eating.

If it is too strong for your teeth or if you prefer to eat fruit with a smaller one, you can choose to slice and put in a Ziploc plastic bag at any time. It will be a light snack of a healthy trip.

Eating the same kind of fruit everyday may make it a bit monotonous. Therefore, you can keep it fun and entertaining.

Do not be afraid to try new fruits and things you have not eaten for a long time. In the season, you have various options in the production section of the supermarket, from which you can choose.

You can enjoy one or two different fruits a day. As in this snack example of healthy work, you can choose a simple fruit / medley to provide a taste and taste explosion.

The best, but you can buy various kinds of things, you can choose healthy mix fruit at any time by washing in a frozen bag for 6 months and keeping it.

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