Healthy sleeping habits ensure healthy living


The average person between the recommended amount of age spends 267,200 hours of sleep by 757. Sleep is one of the most important elements of overall health. People who can not get enough suffer from spiritual vividness, clarity, focus, productivity, emotional balance, creativity, lack of physical vitality. Long sleep deprivation is associated with health such as weight gain, depression and depression (including stress uncontrollability), motor skill disorder, heart disease, and many other problems such as increased risk of developing diabetes It is said to play a role in the problem. The number of factors playing a role in your sleep (and overall health) and the amount of sleep you get each night are only one of them. Infant (1-12 years old) 14 years old (19659002) Newborn (0-2 months) – 18 hours

Infant (2-12 months) 13 hours

Child (5-12 years old) – 11 hours

Teenager (12-18 years) – 10 hours

Adult (age 18+) – 9 Hours

Your bed just sleeps It's not meant to take a break. Experts show that the healthy balance of quantity and sleep quality (in combination with healthy lifestyle) helps to ensure optimum health throughout life. There are various elements that you can do to help you ensure the quality of sleep you get every night and the best quality sleep every night.

– Maintain sleep schedule.
– Let's get up at the same time every morning.
– I will make a routine for sleeping.
– Minimize light and sound in the bedroom.
– Cool room (temperature optimal for healthy sleeping is 65 degrees).
– Please prepare a comfortable bed.
– Keep away from heavy, spicy or acidic meals in the evening.
– Avoid drinking alcohol at night (slowing down sleep quality).

Sleeping in a comfortable bed is one of the key elements of high quality sleeping and there are many things that make up a good bed. Choosing the proper height of your frame, whether you believe it or not, will play a role in the mood of when you sleep. It is important to purchase a bed that is not too short or too high for your needs. Mattress is another important part of a good bed.

Mattresses are offered in various sizes and styles (Innerpring, Latex Foam, Memory Foam). All of these will serve a variety of purposes according to the needs of the user. To ensure the best sleep, the buyer needs to purchase a bed that is suitable for their body. You can maintain a healthy sleeping habit by securing adequate beds and mattresses for your body and taking necessary measures to keep you from good quality sleeping activities, food, atmosphere I will. life.

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