Healthy Sleep – Healthy Living 2010


Every year, I will begin making decisions about healthy living. And healthy life promotes healthy sleep, and vice versa. This is the best time to connect the relationship between the two.

Healthy life promoting healthy sleep.

o Daily exercise helps you sleep well at night.

o Please take time to relax before going to bed.

o Penal and pituitary keep your hormones and body in good balance when going out under sunlight.

o Adding anti-stress vitamins and minerals to your diet can prevent you from worrying about lying.

o Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is phenomenal. But, if you are not tired of the schedule, please sleep better and have a relaxing time.

o Loose weight. This will help comfort and sleep apnea.

o If you make caffeine difficult to drink, this epidemic will impair you the necessary sleep.

o Stop smoking more than all health and circulation. Shedding blood at your extreme can help sleep.

Sleeping habits promote healthy living

o Drowsiness is reduced and sleep expert Dr. Daniel Krickke suggests that people with low sleep live longer and healthier I discovered.

o Normal sleeping time, do not delve into sleeping time.

o A good sleeping environment like a dark quiet bedroom devoted solely to sleep will improve your sleep.

o Natural sleeping aids are worthwhile. Please give them the opportunity to work. It will take about a week.

o Worried outside the bedroom, not lying in bed. Please use your bed only for sleeping.

o Meditation and sleeping music can help you relax.

I know, you say "I heard everything before this". Yes you have. The key is to gradually change those old habits. Please look at your sleeping habits. Please look at your daily routine. What will change easily? Please change it. Please carry those small steps on a daily basis.

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