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For many parents, the happiest time when children return to school after summer vacation. However, the difficult task of packaging a healthy school meal that children actually eat may dampen your enthusiasm. As a school mom stuffed with thousands of lunches, I will give you some tips for the quick lunch bag idea:

  • Organizing your kitchen and finding lunch gear it's simple. This means having one cupboard to store thermal insulation lunch boxes, stainless steel water bottles, thermos, reusable containers, plastic cutlery etc. Like bags and plums, children refuse to eat fruit as well as confusing the bags you have to clean.
  • Have your children make lunch. Their age is higher, they should help pack your own lunch. They have a higher likelihood of eating what you give if there is a word in what is packed. Ask your kids what you like and do not like them and plan a shopping list accordingly (if you choose a healthy choice).
  • Please purchase in advance and prepare. Like a baby carrot, grape, cherry tomato, or pre-cut vegetables, wash, vegetables, cut and buy sizes. Cut the cheese into a cube. Some eggs, boil a previously cut fruit hard.
  • Healthy snacks such as wheat crackers, granola bars, dried fruits, trail mixes are prepared on snack cupboards. These tend to be kept long, so you always have a healthy snack when you do not have time to run your feet at the grocery store. Purchase individually packaged items ready to be put in a bag or get a small buggy or reusable container to hold snack items.
  • Make extra food at dinner, heat the rest in the morning and pack with a thermos bottle. The truly successful foods are pasta, chili, soup, stew and so on. I will throw a whole wheat roll, a pita wedge, a cracker etc. and have a meal. (Do not forget to add fruits and vegetables for snacks). You can also freeze the leave to use for future lunches.

Prepare what you can do the night before, avoid annoying foods, strong smell foods, discouraged food. If most of the lunch ends with garbage, you will be happy as well. Plans and organizations are the key to wrapping your child's love lunch.

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