Healthy Preschool Snacks & Fun Activities For Your Preschooler Kids


Today's children need health foods and snacks more than ever. Poor diet, junk food, lack of physical and mental activity, lazy people, poor children with concentration / social skills, poor learning skills, etc.

There are some ideas for your child:

Healthy idea ideas for children:

It is very important to introduce a healthy diet to your children It is important. Especially recent take-outs and drive-through are very popular. Eating healthy foods and snacks is a very important factor in the physical mental development of all children. There are fresh and tasty health snack ideas during the mid-day afternoon and other time zones.

  • Knife
  • Knife
  • Napkin
  • Celery
  • Cream Cheese or Peanut Butter (19659007) Cracker
  • Olive Slice
  • Raisin

Table I cut a stick of celery on top of it. Ask the child if they want their celery to be filled with either cream cheese or peanut butter. If they do not want to fill, please do not force it. Let's ask if cream cheese decorate olive slices or peanut butter with raisins.

Just like crackers. The big choices for crackers are Ritz, Breton, Graham Crackers. We will make a wonderful, healthy and fun snack for children.

Please prepare fresh juice, milk, or drinking water.

Circle idea for children using balloons:

This circle idea must be implemented for children over 3 years old. Children who are still at the stage of exploring the sensual oraly must supervise with full care. Since the balloon has a serious danger of suffocation, please be careful when carrying out the activities described in this circle idea. We encourage children to understand the safety issues and understand the risks.

Opening Song: (It was sung to a farmer at Dell)

Hello everyone (to the children in the waves)

How is today?

We came to circle time,

laughter and singing and performances.

When you raise you (with your hands in the air)

when you are under you (when you put your hands on the floor)

on your own way (chest height

You are still coming up and down.

Rotate your hand slowly (hold the fist and lift your chest to hit the bag)

Roll your hand quickly (except for the fast action except the same action above)

You Clap a handful of claps on your hands and fold them with your folding tap. (Follow the instructions on this line.)

Please tell your child about the safety of the balloon and the balloon. Where have you seen balloons? "What shape and color balloons do you remember?" "Why and where do you use balloons?"

Please have a balloon bag of a different shape from you. Blow off the balloon and talk about its shape and color. "What do you think would happen if I leave it?" (Move the balloon).

Please blow up another balloon and talk about its shape and color. "What do you think would happen if I slowly tighten all the blows and let out the air slowly?" (We make balloons with high pitch noise).

And blow off the third balloon and talk about shape and color. Grasp the balloon and spray it and let the air out without touching the whole, what do you think will happen? (Let 's get out air and make sound with less air).

Will the children stand up and sing a balloon song (Tune – where we go around Mulberry Bush)?

I can not see the balloon. Do not jump me out because I can not see the balloon.

I can fly around, dance around, dance around, dance around, I can fly (stop dancing, say,) "Oh!"

Circle that lost the air Sometimes there are children who jump out of the airplane like balloons.

Now let's sit again and put the hands on all the children again.

Then, at the end of the "Circlesong" Please sing (Please skip to my rou.)

Please shake hands with friends Please warm your hands with friends Please spend that time. Wave your hands. & # 39; I have time to go ….. I will see you again next time.

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