Healthy Nutrition For Women


Today it is a wonderful time for women as information based on scientific evolution evolves from nutrition research and disappears myths and presents facts.

Women's confusion about dieting

Diet includes a wide range of diet therapies from anti-heart disease to dietary therapy of PMS, hundreds of weight loss diet therapies.

Solution: Women want to simplify nutritional problems and make one diet. One meal is a healthy lady's meal plan.

Healthy women 's diet plan concludes that how the diet guidelines will help prevent one disease such as heart disease, Disorders, food needs, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Past trends – It is not all in your head

Women's health complaints have been rejected as "in all heads".

"When anxiety, depression, hypersensitivity, emotional delusions, confectionery cravings, intention of will, doctor, husband or a friend reported to the week before menstruation, lethargy, depression, mood swings, headache, fluid retention All of the symptoms such as symptoms were not well understood in the medical community.

Change in the era

Undiagnosed mental and physical symptoms are recognized as specific metabolic processes, many of which The mood swings, food cravings and anxiety are the symptoms many women experience before that period, and now there is a name called premenstrual syndrome (PMS) PMS , May be partially alleviated by changes in diet and exercise.Consolidation, memory impairment and fatigue may be a consequence of simple results such as iron deficiency and caffeine consumption. Until recently, many Illness is Year It was thought that it was an inevitable requirement to grow.The belly protruded frail and the old lady tired of waist was the fate of the woman.The researchers said that this condition of osteoporosis is exercise and diet intake of calcium We know that it may be preceded or at least dramatically slowed down by an increase in quantity.

Many emotional and relating to cataract and skin aging from intestinal disorders, heart disease, menopause There are possibilities that many age-related symptoms leading to physical changes may precede.When regular exercises are done, 60s, 70s, anything more vibrant, any reason that feels shiny and youthful

What you can do to reprogram the aging process !

Getting a year is a natural process, but you do not need to succumb to it. Many conditions related to harm arise from behavioral defenses strengthened by diet with low fat, nutritional dress by combination of exercise For example, intake of antioxidants such as beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, Strengthen one of the basic defense systems against body aging.

Optimize the intake of trace minerals, iron, zinc, copper, many vitamins build the body's immune system, colds, infections, Precise aging, prevention of many diseases such as cancer and arthritis.


Low-fat nutrition The physical fitness that fits by moving every day by eating diet. You can reprogram the aging process of the body. Basically, what you eat and how much you move can change greatly, while feeling sick or obstructive, as the aging process moves towards sickness and obstacles, you can look great, or best.

Room for improvement

To elevate the health potential, meals need to work for you, not for you. It is not too late to improve your eating habits. Today, the consensus of healthy "balanced eating habits" for women is changing and may not be suitable for preventing certain degenerative diseases or emotional problems.

Studies have shown that women's diet has a long way to go. Women do not eat milk or beef that has reduced saturated fats and cholesterol compared to years ago. There is a 29% decrease in heart disease. Meanwhile, polyunsaturated fats such as vegetable oil and margarine are increasing rapidly, and the average intake of fiber is less than one third of the recommended amount (that is, 10 grams versus 30 grams).

Women eat more chicken than beef, but chicken is fried. (One of the chicken nuggets is equivalent to five pads of butter.)

The salad take is increasing due to weight loss. However, high fat salad dressing is scattered on diluting those benefits. Recommendations for increasing complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, pasta, bread and cereal are not satisfied. Women still consume less than half of the amount of these foods parents ate in 1900. Women consume more French fries, sugar, cakes, donuts than pasta. These food choices increase the intake of fat and sugar and endanger the nutritional validity of the diet.

Danger – does not meet the requirements

Many essential nutrients are low, as women's meals do not eat enough meal recommendations. Women's …

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