Healthy Meat – Which Meats Are The Healthiest?


Humans have eaten part of their food for centuries, but in recent years many nutritionists have warned about the dangers of the meat.



Food per 100 g 136 calories 5.1 g Fat

About half of the beef fat is similar to the heart's healthy fat you found in olive oil Monounsaturated It is fat.

Look for organic cuts. The reason for this is that these cows are not cereals with high nutritional value, high nutritional value, heart-friendly Omega 3, and are likely to be raised on the grass.


Per 100 g 123 calories 4 g fat

Pigs tend to be kept vigorously and the likelihood that pork contains harmful chemicals increases.


156 calories per 100 g 8.3 g fat

has a reputation that it is not healthy because it is a relatively fat meat, but lamb is the smallest


] 107 calories per 100 g 3.3 g fat

Packaged ham contains 37% water and can contain high doses. There are even salt and taste. Ham is really meat I ate reasonably for this.


120 calories per 100 grams 2.4 g of fat

one of the most healthy people in red meat lovers and all because there is a tendency to cultivate wild or non-intensive.

215 calories per 100 g of bacon 16.5 g of fat

Like extremely high salt ham and antiseptic subject to cancer fear.



116 calories per 100 g 3.2 Fat minus skin

Iron, zinc and vitamin B 12 are full, but it is confirmed that organic chicken is one of the most vigorously raised meats Please


119 calories 1 g of fat per 100 g

is one of the best sources of the thinnest meat and protein. Turkey is rich in vitamin B and vitamin B, tryptophan enriches the nutrition of the brain. Very healthy meat like chicken – going to organic


100 grams 11.2 fat

Very fat meat, including many of saturated fats, has a lot of health on iron intake The benefits of zinc and vitamin B group

As you can see, Turkey has the best healthy meats. All of the above meat can be eaten periodically except bacon and ham. Ham and cows are not as bad as many nutritionists claim to be 0.

Although humans are carnivores, it is human beings that have many problems and relationships with health fear meat, but if you become organic you can enjoy your meat any time, become healthy and happy I will!

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