Healthy meals and chocolate chip cookies


Congratulations. You made a decision to eat health and to exercise. You not only feel better but live a better life for your decision. You will leave plenty of fat, sugar, caffeine and your body will like it.

There are more stories about longevity and health in our lives. What we eat is part of our health. Attitudes, mental health, background, family history, environmental exposure, physical activity, and other factors are also reflected in it.

It's all about balance. You do not always need to be perfect in your food. If you have chocolate chip cookies and morning coffee, you will not kick the bucket quickly. Do not forget moderation and balance in every aspect of your life.

It will be difficult to change your lifestyle and diet. If you immediately deny all of the things you enjoyed earlier, you can end up in a lost mood. This negative emotion leads to saying "When everything is lost, I give up" when you slip and have one cookie. Or perhaps you think that "This is difficult, I can not live like this, I will give up."

The lesson here is to gradually create a change in lifestyle. Please change only one at a time and do not move until that change stops. For example, please gradually reduce until you completely become water with soda. Doing this gradually helps you feel that you are not deprived, it also helps withdrawing from caffeine and sugar. If you have serious withdrawal and headaches, it is difficult to stay in something.

Instead of living in what you can not have, you concentrate on adding things to your life, making it healthier and more satisfying. Please walk the dog around the park, hide and play, and look for children in daily routine. Rather than thinking about that dual cheeseburger, you can not go to the movies or dance with loved ones.

Please do not forget the balance. It is your life and you can choose freely. You can choose to have your favorite treat from time to time, and you can enjoy it without feeling really guilty when doing so. Keep your important image in mind with your health and you will be fine.

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