Healthy meal during pregnancy


There is nothing important for a child who has developed better than a healthy diet during pregnancy. Exercises during pregnancy can play an important role in facilitating pregnancy, but nutrition is useful if your baby's health is good.

Please try a balanced diet through pregnancy. You should eat at least 300 extra calories for your baby. In the early stages, this may be difficult with vomiting or nausea, but we are focusing on ingesting enough food. There are several recommendations for a healthy diet during pregnancy:

  • I eat a lot of dietary fiber. These foods can be whole grain bread, pasta, rice, fruits, grains, vegetables.
  • Getting all vitamins and minerals is very important during pregnancy. Take supplemental vitamin vitamins designed for prenatal nutrition to help this. Your doctor can give you better things than counter options.
  • During this time, calcium is essential. The developing baby needs a lot of calcium. If you do not eat it enough, your body will use calcium in your bones. This may lead to osteoporosis. To obtain adequate calcium, please eat and drink at least 4 dairy products per day. This should put you in the range of 1000-1300 mg of calcium recommended.
  • Please take at least 3 meals per day for food rich in iron. Iron is also very important, so it needs to exceed 27 mg per day.
  • Please select a food with high folic acid content. This is very important for the baby's brain and backbone development. You can find folic acid in green leafy vegetables and legumes. In order to prevent spinal bifurcation of the developing baby, 0.4 mg of folic acid should be consumed each day.
  • Eating at least one food of Vitamin C and Vitamin A These vitamins are found in many fruits and vegetables. Please note that ingesting an excessive amount of vitamin A leads to a fetal malformation. This is only a problem when eating a large amount of vitamin A.

Healthy Eating Tips

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