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One of the most common New Year resolutions each year is to improve overall happiness, including reducing healthy diets and weight. When the work life balance is confused, obtaining a healthier diet is a difficult goal. Busy, disproportionate life often increases stress. Stress is known to affect your mood, energy level, and eating habits. When meetings and conference calls are full on a busy busy busy day, it is easier to take blueberry muffins from the bread room, thank fruits and granola and mix yogurt. Unfortunately, many people do not notice the amount of calories consuming everyday by choosing impulsive food.

There are some examples:

· Yoplait light blueberry patch yoghurt is 500 calories compared to dunkin donut blueberry muffin, or fat blueberry muffin is 100 calories compared to 450 calories

· middle bananas It is 110 calories It is sliced ​​Starbucks · Banana · Nut · Loaf with 490 calories.

· Medium · Apple is 95 calories compared to McDonald's, Baked, Apple pie.

· McDonald's · Medium · Strawberry · Banana · Smoothie is 260 calories compared to McDonald's · Milk. McCafe shakes at 710 calories

· Quaker Apples & Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal's packet is 130 calories compared to Starbucks' Outregeous Oatmeal Cookie.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, aggressive adult calorie intake for women is 2,200 calories, active adult male has a recommended calorie intake of 2,800 calories (both vary with age, activity level, weight). If you eat high-calorie food during a meal or snack, there is not much room for the rest of the meal on that day. If you are thirsting for a specific high-calorie food, please quickly search for healthy and satisfying substitutes. There are numerous sites that help determine the calorie content of food items and most restaurants post nutritional ingredients on their websites. Finally, do not forget to read the nutrition label at any time! Just because food sounds healthy does not mean that it is really healthy. In this blog, we compared only calories. There are various other factors to consider when choosing health foods. Fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, sugar, protein are most popular.

Share your favorite health food with us, hoping that your colleagues will be happy!

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