Healthy Lunchbox Ideas for Your Kid


School children need a healthy, nutritious pack lunch to meet their daily tasks
. Diabetic children love various special treasures in their lunchboxes

Parents of children suffering from juvenile diabetes always face a challenge because their children do not like school lunchboxes

In this article you will learn how to plan food and diet for children with diabetes.
Do you need special food for diabetic children?

Children with diabetes need to eat the same nutritional food that other families
must eat, as there is no diabetic meal.

Parents need to know three things about juvenile diabetic meals.

1. Children are not on "meals"

2. Children can eat all food including sugar-containing foods

3. Special diabetic food is not necessary for children.

What should the mother of a diabetic child have to see:

o meals and snacks should be taken at the same time each day.

o Meals and snacks must be the same size every day unless there is a change in
in everyday life.

o The balance of things to eat at each meal, in other words, the total calories of meals
can not exceed the prescribed value.

Method of planning a meal for diabetic children

Many nutritionists recommend a plan called "carbohydrate counting". We need to work closely with nutritionists to plan meals Because all children's requirements are different,
snacks for your children.

Calculating carbohydrates means tracking sugars and starchy foods that have the greatest effect on blood sugar.
It is necessary to match the amount of carbohydrates in
to the amount of insulin taken by your child.

In some exercises, you and your child will be the second nature:

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