Healthy lifestyle in the modern world


In recent years, many people have started exercise, received yoga classes, and continue tough eating habits in many countries. The reason behind these activities is like work stress, people suffering from diabetes, people who are taking a lot of fat in food, people for pollution and ongoing urbanization . Most of the people living in urban areas suffer from heavy pollution due to the high intake of carbon monoxide in the body.

Most people are also suffering from smoking and alcohol poisoning, and in a recent survey 60% of 100 organizations are drinking significantly more than health. Also, in most countries, the proportion of women who are abusing alcohol is also increasing. For this reason, many doctors periodically exercise and recommend sports in leisure time. In the past decade, heart disease has dramatically increased from 35% to 70%. In recent years, most children were born ill, and parents' health and quality of life were bad. So, in these days, we need to observe some rules not only for younger generation but also for our health to be healthy.

Maintaining health is to keep yourself clean with a healthy practice that exercises on a regular basis. Firstly, regular jogging of 2 kilos is sufficient for people of average age. While attending school, everyone is involved in sports to university, but finding a job makes you busy with work as soon as you forget your health. Consult with your doctor every 3 to 4 months and should receive regular examination. They should not feel stressed. If you feel stressed, you have to take a yoga class every day so their blood pressure will be normal. Otherwise, they will lead them to high blood pressure or hypo which may lead to heart disease.

What I would like to discuss is diet. Because we are eating food we are taking charge of all the fat, carbohydrate, protein and necessary enzymes useful for energy conversion and utilization of the human body. We should follow the diet very strictly by avoiding junk food available on the market. A recent survey states that most people get sick by ingesting junk food. Fat low foods are desirable because fat accumulates in the veins and arteries of the human body resulting in high blood pressure that can lead to heart disease by taking more fat content. In order to reduce the fat of the human body, it is necessary to reduce oil, cheese and butter in the food there by controlling the fat of the human body. Regular exercise helps to control the fat of the human body.

By doing sports, the movement of the human body improves. Swimming is also a good sport. Height needs to be maintained according to height. There, we can reduce the health problem to the most extent. I conclude that the body can be kept healthy even if it is said that health is wealthy by doing periodic exercise, yoga, severe meals and sports and regular checks on the above topics.

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