Healthy Kids and Sweet Treat


I heard a warning that sugar is bad for children, restricts sweets, buys healthy snacks ……

However, children love sweets.

And although I generally buy healthy snacks, I also tend to taste sweet teeth.

So now I ask – are all the sweets equally created? The answer is no.

Gummi Candy vs Ice Cream

With gumi candy (or fruit snacks) and ice cream options, ice cream is definitely the winner. Indeed, it has bad things like fat and sugar, but it also has proteins from milk and possibly nuts.

Candy chewy usually converts to all sugar and sticks to the teeth (please read the empty calories and cavities).

Cakes, cookies, donuts

cakes, cookies, donuts vary depending on the recipe. These can include tons of trans fatty acids and calories. However, certain brands are okay – just reading raw labels or making them yourself. You know on your free time. 😉 In some cases, you can even involve oatmeal and bran in recipes.

The bottom line: Once you decide to serve sweet things, choose a worse (more nutritious option).

How about just enjoying nutrition without worrying about it?

Sometimes I will do it. In this way, they already have some good food on their belly.

When I am hungry at school and come back in a declining moment, I will dispel their wail. – They prefer to eat less nutritious items like ice cream. Or cookies.

I know that all of your healthy moms are screaming right now, but my child is very relentless. I would like to share it with you because I am probably not the only child who loves sugar because this middle of the way approach works for me!

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