Healthy Foods Healthy Children


Food supplies the necessary nutrients as a source of energy for the body's activity, as the structural material of every cell in the body, nutrition is the science of food and how to use the body. In order to make a healthy body, it is necessary to achieve excellent nutritional status contained in various foods, including nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. Good nutrition and balanced diet will help your child grow healthy.

Providing healthy food for families is one of the toughest jobs as parents due to the busy schedule. Family meals are fun and exciting to improve nutrition and promote a healthy diet. For your infants you can make it fun if you can prepare foods such as dried fruits and peas, cubes carrots, or corn and count those foods. This can be used as part of a fun learning activity. Your infant eats healthy food while doing fun learning games with food. Also please provide the whole family with fruits and vegetables and serve slim meat and other excellent protein sources such as fish, beans, eggs and nuts. Parents must be taking more time preparing health foods than having sick children.

Please consider yourself as an example. One of the best ways to make your child eat healthy food is to make a model for children. Please eat healthy, nutritious food. Children usually follow what each adult eats everyday. When drinking unhealthy foods and snacks such as candy, potato chips, soda, please drink for each sweet. What you should do is to eat fruits and vegetables and explain the importance of these foods in our body. Children are taking you as an example, noticing your food choices.

Please make regular family meals fun and positive by eating together as a family. Avoid comments on the type of food regarding the amount and type of food your children consume. In fact, it reduces the acceptance of children's new foods and different foods. Do not use food as a reward or bribe.

Children are involved in preparing food and teach the nutritional value of food. They decide what to make for dinner and choose food for their lunchbox. Some people may want to shop raw materials and prepare a meal. Also, please read the food label and tell me how to understand what to look for.

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