Healthy Foods Different for Women and Men?


The nutritional needs of women and men are different. It is important to know what type of food is suitable for your body.

For women, flaxseed is an excellent "weapon" for breast cancer, due to the large amount of lignans (which also act as estrogen-like chemicals, antioxidants). According to a recent US study, women with breast cancer and linseed on diet are delaying the spread of cancer.

Soybean is more efficient for women to lower the level of cholesterol and maintain bone health, according to the Department of Food Science Human Nutrition and the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Illinois Department of Kinesiology, females, menstruation He is at higher risk of suffering from anemia than men. If the amount of iron in the blood is small, the form of fatigue may be different. Thin-walled beef is useful for these cases because it has a lot of iron and abundant energy.

Cabbage can bring beneficial effects to women to keep bone health. In this way, cabbage protects the body from developing osteoporosis. In addition to calcium and vitamin C, the cage also contains a large amount of vitamin K. If you eat at least 109 micrograms of vitamin K per day, women can reduce 30 percent hip fraction. For example, half of the cages contain 375 micrograms of vitamin K.

Papaya is a tropical fruit that contains twice as many vitamin C than oranges and protects from vesicular diseases. According to researchers, women with low leverages of vitamin C are said to be at increased risk of vesicular disease.

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