Healthy Eating with the Portion Control Containers Meal Plan


Hello everyone! That is the time to get in orbit on my weight loss journey. We returned from vacation and all the celebrations were over. I can set my heart to return to orbit. My diet was always a keto diet. It is a wonderful meal for those who want to lose weight faster and gain weight. I originally lost 20 pounds, but because of food restrictions, I was bound by the food I could not eat. I am trying a new approach to learning how to eat and eat again. I like these partial control containers for now. They are expensive I bought them from Amazon at 4 dollars, so that they are very sturdy, they are color coded. The box also comes with a small meal plan that shows the number of servings that are allowed depending on the food you can eat and your calculated caloric intake. My stuff is 1,200 calories, which is a lot of different fruits and vegetables. I will post my meal as I go and share all your progress. Please watch, give me your thumbs and do not forget to subscribe.

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