Healthy Eating – Three Reasons To Rethink Including Milk in Your Diet


Are you a fan of milk? If so, it may come time to reconsider including milk in your diet. Milk is an excellent source of calcium, but there are many drawbacks that need to be noted that it can result from milk.

Milk contains various carbohydrates …

  • lactose,
  • glucose,
  • galactose, [1965900] and other oligosaccharides including a few monosaccharides.

    Let's take a closer look at what some of the drawbacks are and how they are adversely affecting.

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    1. Contents of sugar. Obvious – Let's start with the sugar content. It is not a good thing for your body to ingest a lot of sugar from any source, milk is full of it.

    When you drink 3 milk a day on a day, consuming sugar will be over 30 grams. Many such sugars are necessary for anyone looking to prevent or manage type 2 diabetes, in particular, more than anyone else.

    Contents of lactose. The next question is the content of lactose. Lactose is sugar contained in milk, but it also causes other problems. For many people, lactose is …

    • gas,
    • bloating,
    • diarrhea,
    • gastric cramp, and

    many other undesirable digestive symptoms. You can use lactase to relieve your discomfort, but this is far from the ideal. Most people tend to succeed in lactose-free dietary planning.

    3. hormone. Finally, there may be hormones in consuming milk.

    Hormones given to cows may cause problems at your hormonal level if not careful. . They may also cause inflammation and your health concerns.

    Milk is not ideal. Would a strange glass hurt you here? There is a possibility that it is not so. But if you drink a couple of cups a day, you may be watching there are some health problems if you are not careful. Try instead sugar-free almonds or coconut milk instead. Both are excellent options, they do not contain sugar and their calories are low. They fit comfortably with your meal and can be used in recipe instead of regular milk.

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