Healthy Eating – The Trap Of Chronic Dieting


What you need to remember when you leave to lose weight and improve your health is a chronic diet. What is a chronic diet? Is it possible that it will affect you?

What is chronic diet? Chronic diet is dieting for a long time with very low caloric intake. Usually, most meals last about 1 month or 2 months, after which you will reach your target weight or leave meals for a short period. The problem is when you do not. Many people, especially those who lose more weight, continue to eat for several months. Several people are having a meal and soon they are in a healthy way of dining. It is not healthy, it is close to hunger.

What happens is that your calorie consumption – moderate calorie deficiency – is the result when you start your meal plan. very nice! But, however, your metabolic rate will adapt and begin to decelerate. As your body gets used to that amount of food, sooner or later the choice of food will no longer produce the weight loss you desire …

  • You will further reduce your intake. It is your only option to keep losing weight. You will drop it again and weight loss will occur.
  • After several weeks, weight loss has slowed. Now you have the choice, lower your calorie again or get off meal.

Many people continue to further reduce their caloric intake until they can no longer fall any longer. Currently, at this point, weight has been stopped and we are maintaining weight. Because they manage their weight, they are afraid to take higher calorie foods now: they believe they lead to weight gain. This is a big problem. Because, now mainly survives even if there are far fewer calories, weight loss is practically impossible.

The influence of chronic diet What kind of influence do you need to know about? Typical signs and side effects include …

  • Fear of too much calorie eating too much: for example, go out for dinner, introduce new foods to your meal plan etc.
  • Ongoing fatigue – It is by no means impressive.
  • I am suffering from healing injuries.
  • difficulty sleeping.
  • Always hungry.

If you feel trapped in your diet plan, you are a victim of a chronic diet.

Use of help. How can I get help? How can I cross this? The main thing you need to remember is that the change is going well. If you do not want to keep living without using too much calories in the rest of your life, you need to make adjustments. This means you increase your caloric intake and accept a temporary increase in fat.

Yes, doing this will increase your weight and adjust the rate of metabolism. However, by raising your metabolic rate, you will be able to lose fat when you lower calories. Please consider an alternative method. When you try it, there is a possibility that you can not even drop fat now.

Please do not be afraid to take this step. Sometimes it is necessary to increase your caloric intake to cause weight loss again. Think of it as a second step forward.

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