Healthy Eating Recipes – How To Make Your Recipes Healthier


There are hundreds of recipes in your collection, but not all of them are as healthy as you like. It is regrettable that probably some of these recipes are likely your favorite.

How can you change your favorite recipe to be healthy for you? Favorite of an old family that has been passed down generations.

1. Please reduce the amount of fat, sugar, salt in your recipe.
I am surprised how much I can reduce the amount of fat, sugar and salt in the recipe without affecting the taste. If you cut too much, it is always possible to add a little salt to the table. Rather than scraping oil in a pot, you can reduce the amount of fat with non-stick bread and oil spray. You can also use a slotted spoon to remove excess fat as the recipe cooks. Reducing sugar will depend on your dish, but it is generally safe to reduce sugar at the beginning at a quarter. There is no doubt that there is a difference.

Salt is necessary for bread recipe. Otherwise, yeast can not do the job. In other recipes such as pots and stews, you can easily reduce the salt you use in half, with little effect on the final taste. Using imaginative sauce, you can completely remove salt from part of the recipe.

Please remember that some of the ingredients used may contain salt, sugar or fat. Please read the label and replace it if necessary. But do not blindly add low fat options without confirming that the manufacturer simply does not replace sugar with fat.

2. Make a healthy substitute

In addition to looking at the label, look for ways to increase the nutrition of the food you eat. Whole grain flour, brown rice, whole grain. All of these are simple alternatives, greatly improving the taste of dishes during cooking. More taste is offered to you as there are fewer original products removed during the manufacturing process.

3. If possible, remove unhealthy ingredients

Many recipes respond to different variations (sometimes a list is displayed at the end of the recipe). For example, substitute non-frosted to reduce sugar. Please be aware that adding fat to the dish, as it is fat, usually fat is considered "good" fat, but please do not cut perfectly). Add toppings such as mayonnaise and sauces to your family and guests. Consider substituting low-salt, fat, sugar for these sauces. When eating pancakes next time, please do not squeeze the maple syrup tightly!

Starting to convert recipes gives you a good idea of ​​things that are enriched with imagination and are not working and working. By keeping notebooks easy to keep, you will succeed and you have made as much as you like.

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