Healthy Eating – Pros And Cons Of Green Tea


So far, you have probably heard that green tea is a healthy substance to add to your daily diet. But is it so good that it got worse? What disadvantages does this type of tea have? In fact, most of this tea is tasty and most people will consume, but there are some things you want to know.

Let's see pros and cons. You need to include green tea in your diet …

1. Pro: Metabolism Improvement The first important advantage of adding green tea on your day is that it can stimulate a transient rise in resting metabolic rate. If weight management is a concern for you, this can be very useful over time. Everything you do to raise your resting metabolic rate will help you bake more calories 24 hours a day, 7 and then strengthen the weight loss process.

It does not make you burn hundreds of calories every day. Because boost is very discreet, you still obey a sensible diet.

Con: Caffeine content. Caffeine is included in green tea, so please remember that. If you ingest too much caffeine, this may interfere with sleep quality and ultimately lead to burnout, so you need to monitor how much you are drinking.

Less caffeine in green tea Because you are drinking coffee, at least it is not as strong as any other option. Some people consider that the content of caffeine has the effect of slightly raising your energy level, but it depends on how caffeine is used and the confidentiality of caffeine.

2. Pro: Antioxidant support . The next professional, green tea offers considerable antioxidant support. This beverage helps to prevent damage to free radicals and helps to alleviate disease in the long run.

Drinking several cups of this tea may cause risk factors of heart disease, cancer and other conditions to decline with time. I can not prevent these conditions, but it may not be as dangerous as without green tea.

Con: Add Sugar The following fraud is the fact that you can contain a lot of sugar in green tea you purchase. Please be aware that this tea type does not contain sugar – how is it made? If you are purchasing it from a local coffee house and it is seasoned green tea, the likelihood of adding sugar is high. ] 3. Pro: Low cost. The last beautiful thing about green tea is relatively cheap to purchase. Given the many health benefits it has to offer, you are not going to pay arm and leg to get it.

Consider adding more green tea to your meal plan more regularly. To avoid caffein and avoid sugar, as long as you limit to a cup or a cup, the daily menu offers many important advantages from the presence of caffeine.

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