Healthy Eating: How to TRANSFORM YOUR BODY through FOOD | Tony Horton Fitness


Today, I am teaching you some of my favorite techniques for leveling up your food and nutrition games!

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P90 is for people of all ages and aptitude levels who want dramatic and visible results. Tony Horton created short training that is simpler, executable and less extreme than others, but still effective. Regardless of whether you are not doing well in ten years or not, regardless of whether you are trying to keep what you have, the P90 is a gateway to fit painlessly in just 90 days.

P90 works for a game change technique called Section Progression (Sectional Progression). Tony facilitates you in various heart, muscle strength, and stability movements manipulating the back, shoulder, chest, biceps, triceps, legs, every movement enhances and flattens the abs. These routines are not difficult until the next challenge is ready. And as soon as you master those movements, he raises a little more.

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