Healthy Eating – Four Ways To Use Oatmeal


When becoming a healthy carbohydrate source, you may feel that there are not many choices. As a person closely watching your blood glucose value, during meal planning to reduce your weight as well as your blood sugar, you may be very restricted with regard to what you can not eat for breakfast .

One carbohydrate – oatmeal is very versatile.

The method of using oatmeal is as follows.

1. This single carbohydrate is an excellent fiber source, it contains sugar-free and long-lasting energy. Traditional oatmeal. There is no taste like old-fashioned oats.


[2] [2] [3] [2] [3] [4] [5] [4] [5] [4] [5] [4] [5] cold oats. Also, if you do not want to consume all of the sugar contained in regular breakfast cereals, but it is caloric intake a lot, please correspond to the cold of oats.

When you leave the bowl for 5 minutes, the oat absorbs a portion of the liquid and delivers a delicious breakfast on the go.

3. With Burger and Meatloaf. If you are a hamburger fan, but you were away for unnecessary ingredients of these recipes you can eat a hamburger and feel it immediately.

Turkey and chicken And use oatmeal as a binder. If you add your eggs and the spices you want, you are all set.

4. Blend to smoothies. Consider mixing oatmeal with smoothie. If you do not have time to have breakfast in the morning, fresh fruit protein smoothie is the best way to get nutrition.

What is the only problem? With fruit alone, you may not be able to keep you long enough. Oats is a much better idea. If you mix them smoothly into quickly, you can get a more balanced dietary intake in seconds.

NB. Health experts often encourage gluten – sensitive people to get away from oats. For people sensitive to most gluten, steel cut oats should be fine. However, always look at one of the typical symptoms of gluten sensitivity carefully. If oats cause something to you, leave them

With these ideas in mind, try to start using oatmeal as part of your regular meal plan.

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