Healthy Eating – Four Delicious Ways To Serve Greek Yogurt


As we strive to incorporate more protein into our daily diet, the food you do not want to miss is Greek yoghurt. This particular yogurt is not only an excellent source of high quality protein, but also calcium will be offered. More than anything, Greek yoghurt can satisfy your desire with cream colored things when you want.

Although this may be good taste, there are people who mistook choosing a ripe fruit-flavored version with sugar added. In order to maximize the overall health benefits you will want to choose a plain version and add a taste to yourself or create your own way of using it.

Let's see four delicious ways you can eat Greek yoghurt. You can include it in your diet plan.

1. Prepare Protein Bark . Protein bark is a perfect way to chill after a hot summer day. To make a protein skin, just mix it together …

  • 1 cup of plain · Greek · yogurt,
  • C cup · protein · powder,
  • C cup · peanut · butter
  • ] 1/2 cup of sugarless coconut · almond milk,
  • powder of Stevia pinch.

Blend all this together and pour into wax paper lined containers. After freezing for about 5 hours, please enjoy slicing.

2. Add Greek yoghurt to smoothies. Please remember that you can also add this type of yogurt to smoothie. This is a nice replacement for traditional protein powders. Alternatively, it can be used in addition to protein powder.

Yogurt will make the smoothie even thicker while giving essential nutrients necessary for your body.

3. Please try it in a sandwich. Before preparing lunch, you probably used mayonnaise for 1 to 2 hours, but unfortunately, mayonnaise has very unhealthy fat. You can get low fat varieties, but you have not yet got top quality nutrition from this seasoning.

Is there a solution? Please try Greek yoghurt instead. This yoghurt mixture is thick enough that you can fill in a little slice of Ezekiel's bread and add whatever ingredient you want.

4. Prepare protein cookies. Finally, you can also make delicious tasting protein cookies with this type of yoghurt.

  • 3/8 cup oatmeal,
  • C cup protein powder,
  • 1/3 cup Greek yoghurt, 1/3 cup coconut flower,
  • Tsp. Baking powder,
  • 1 whole egg,
  • C cup egg white,
  • stevia.

Once well mixed, place on a baking sheet with a spoon and bake for about 9 minutes at 350 degrees. Eating health is not that simple.

There are four wonderful ways to provide Greek yogurt. As you can see, using this food for your meal is not difficult.

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