Healthy Eating and Exercise Means Cheaper Health Insurance


For most health insurance companies, some new physical exam is required for new applicants.

Overweight, hypertension, diabetic patients generally have increased health risks and diseases.

Pregnant women who are overweight

Maintaining weight and family weight within normal range is truly valuable not only from health point of view but also from medical and health insurance costs.

Healthy eating is not too difficult.

There are few saturated fats, many complex carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables), many whole grains, you eat food to eat all sugar (19659002) There are three large, salt- Instead of mainly aliphatic protein based meal, it is also good to eat 4 or 5 small health snacks a day. Dining Out Healthy diet is more difficult.

But can you really eat food if you eat food?

I always carry a meal cooler on the street. I love to cook, I do not like to solve for fast food. It is not healthy, I do not like it. So carry your own food. However, you can make a healthy selection from the fast food menu.

I will order a small hamburger without using cheese or french fries. I eat salad, but go easy with dressing and cheese. A tablespoon of dressing is often about 90 calories.

Avoid frying and do not increase size or size.

Please skip desserts and ice cream.

A large coffee cup containing cream and sugar.

The great benefit you can get is to feel better. It is a wonderful bonus to save money on health insurance.

Healthy Eating Tips

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