Healthy Eating – A Quick Guide to Weight Loss


In a quest to fit the body, reduce weight, and lead a healthy life, I found some quick and easy hints to help me achieve weight loss goals. These can be incorporated into your diet and fitness plan every day anywhere!

1. Exercise for 30 minutes before dinner to enhance the slow night's metabolism. Eight hours after waking up, our metabolism slows down naturally, so rapid movement starts in the evening evening, fat burning increases in hours after exercise.

2. Do not throw your family's favorite recipes! I just learn how to make it healthy. Replace saturated fats with healthier mono or polyunsaturated fats like olive oil. Use low-fat yogurt instead of cream and use herbs and spices instead of salt.

3. Let's create zucchini and capsicum with flavorful things such as fine chicken, other white meat and fish, together with your vegetables for healthy slimming snacks and meals.

4. Please wrap your salad stuffing in a roll up of pita bread or a big trolley.

5. Do not sacrifice the taste! Let's combine dijon mustard or satay sauce with a teaspoon of low-fat yoghurt to make surprisingly tasty low-fat mayonnaise.

6. Let's get extra iron in your meal by adding alfalfa or mung bean to your salad.

7. Take time to learn about how to prepare nutrition and healthy recipes. This leads to good cooking and healthy food … knowledge is power!

8. Be sure to consult a doctor before starting exercise and weight loss program.

9. In order to reduce hidden fat, stir fry while frying chicken.

10. It's all in your skin! Please do not remove fruit and vegetable skin. Most of the best nutrients concentrate right under the skin.

11. While eating it slowly. Chewing and eating while eating slowly keeps your appetite because you eat a lot.

12. Eat like a bird. Instead of a couple of large meals, please take a small meal 5-6 times a day in the meal plan.

13. If you like Muesli, you buy things that are not toasted. The toasted muesli plate has more fat than the bacon and egg plate!

14. Kill midnight snacks This is one of the most difficult things at the beginning. Do not eat for 3 hours before going to bed – except for casein proteins, except for small casein proteins like low fat cottage cheese.

15. Do not skip meals. As you skip meals, your body will enter hunger mode, delay your metabolism and store the nutrients you eat later as a fat storage.

16. Soy and tofu are some of the best sources of vegetable proteins. Since all leguminous plants provide protein, please add lentils, lime beans, focused beans etc to soups and casseroles.

17. Do not forget to eat before you go grocery shopping. This will prevent impulsive buying of unhealthy junk food. Also, please purchase only the foods in the weekly menu plan.

18. Please do not go alone! You can team together to achieve your weight loss goals, please get a friend or support group together. This is an excellent means of motivation and can add a lot of fun to diet and fitness plan.

19. By dropping it in the ice cube, you can remove the frozen fat from the baked tray.

20. Please squeeze lemon juice and put warm water before your breakfast. This will help your metabolism firing for that day and also to prevent constipation … it goes without saying that it is good for your skin!

21. Pasta is a wonderful fast food! Pasta meat with whole grain flour pasta can be quickly and easily made and can be mixed with soup or salad in 10 to 12 minutes.

22. Chilean bowl is a metabolic booster – even light type!

23. Ringo sauce instead of baking eggs for low cholesterol low fat diet.

24. Make an omelet without egg yolk, or use a yoke free egg beater.

25. All natural peanut butter is the very healthy fat needed for your body. Use whole grain bread and pure fruit jam for delicious small meals and healthy snacks.

Apply these hints, set realistic goals, find a good diet plan to work for you, keep discipline and consistency, you will have a healthy, slim and active lifestyle !

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