healthy diets for teenagers healthy eating for teenagers


healthy diets for teenagers | healthy eating for teenagers

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Being healthy means many different things to teenagers. Building good diet and exercise habits is important, and so is good hygiene. Being healthy also means having a positive mental attitude and making safe decisions about your body and behaviors. Stay healthy to feel safe, look great and take care of your body

Choose healthy foods Your food is your fuel for your body and brain, so choose a good fuel! Minimize the consumption of foods with a lot of sugar, salt and fat: avoid fast foods, fried foods, junk food in the snack aisle, such as French fries, canned and processed foods, and cakes. Increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat and fat-free dairy products and low-fat proteins such as fish, chicken, nuts, beans, peas and lentils. [1] Choose healthy snacks like fruits, a handful of nuts, a little celery or a piece of low-fat cheese.
If you do not know how to start eating healthy, talk to your doctor or nutritionist. They can help you create a plan that provides you with all the vitamins, minerals and calories you need. You can also check online resources like this to get some guidance.

Have good eating habits. In addition to what you eat, your diet can help you stay healthy and fit.
Do not skip breakfast, which provides your body with the first fuel of the day and helps it to concentrate. Good breakfast foods include fruits, eggs, low-fat milk, cream of wheat, oatmeal or whole-grain toast.
Prepare your lunch for the school so you can create a healthy meal for you. [3]
Participate in shopping and planning meals at home. You can even help the rest of your family eat healthy! [4]
Your doctor can tell you if you are in a healthy weight range or not. If your doctor advises you to lose weight, control the size of your portion, that is, how much you eat at the same time. Use a smaller plate or bowl, keep a food diary so you can keep track of your portions and fill most of your plate with fruits and vegetables.
Make sure you get enough calories! The average teen girl should eat between 1,600 and 1,800 calories per day if you are not very active and between 2,200 and 2,400 calories per day if you are physically active.
Avoid fad and crash diets. You will easily recover any weight you lose, and these are not good for your body. Always talk to your doctor before eating a diet or if you are worried about your weight.

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11. healthy diets for teens healthy eating for teens

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