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Women's health (physical, mental) is closely related (somewhat imitates) to the hormonal condition and the balance of the body.
The hormonal condition here refers to the interaction of female hormone (estrogen and progesterone), stress hormone (especially cortisol), thyroid hormone (TSH, T4, T3). Sex hormone production and balance is particularly sensitive to the level of stress hormone.
Stress has a comprehensive effect on estrogen / progesterone balance and causes unnecessary inflammation in the body.

Perfect balanced hormonal cycle helps women become self-confident, powerful, healthy and happy. Women who feel "something of a certain" are in depression due to obvious reasons or other general signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance (there are many), under excessive stress, Do not exercise enough, or eat a poor diet. She herself is not balanced!
By eating a poor result of the body, you can not get enough nutrients and you need to produce the correct hormones adequately.
Nutrients such as essential fatty acids (especially GLA, EPA, DHA), B vitamins (especially B6), calcium, magnesium and the like are often lacking.

"Healthy diet for healthy women" should be "designed" to promote the normal healthy production, balance, detoxification and excretion of estrogens and other hormones. The organs involved are ovaries and adrenals (for production), liver (for detoxification), kidneys and intestines (for excretion by feces and urine). Naturally, these organs should function normally and need to be nutritionally ordered.
The diet needs to contain various antioxidants and anti-inflammatory drugs to suppress internal inflammation. It aims to lower insulin levels (minimize fat accumulation) and aim to improve insulin sensitivity, ie how the body handles sugars. This will burn fat and help to minimize the extra fat that is converted to estrogen.

(NB adipocytes can convert fat to "bad" estrogens through aroma-causing biochemical processes).

Soy protein is thought to promote body fat reduction and improve the amount of muscle tissue. Soy (especially soy concentrate) contains high levels of valuable phytoestrogens known as isoflavones. Isoflavones help rebalance the levels of good estrogen and bad estrogen and promote a healthier estrogen / progesterone balance. Food sources of non-soda isoflavones include fennel, flaxseed (non-crushed or non-crushed is indigestible), fenugreek, cumin and other spices, blueberries, herbal red clover, black Cohosh and scum are included. Crushed flaxseed is a superior "soluble" fiber source that promotes the excretion of estrogens by chance by chance, minimizing the absorption of estrogen back into the body.

Green tea "catechins" also contribute to the detoxification and excretion of healthy estrogens.
Meals rich in cruciferous vegetables and whole grain meal support healthy liver function. In particular, it helps to detoxify estrogen and other hormones healthily in the liver.


Diet should be as clean as possible. This means eating foods that do not contain unwanted additives, preservatives, hormones, hormone mimetics, sugars, or trans fatty acids / hydrogenated fats. All these biochemical and hormonally destructive substances are kept to a minimum with just eating natural raw food (itself).

Very useful food …

Nutrition has come a long way. The following foods are very beneficial for proper production of hormones and healthy estrogen metabolism.

General tofu, miso, tamari, tempe, soybean, soybean, soybean yogurt, soy concentrate

General bean chicken and beans are easy to cook in 45 minutes, (19659002) not rotten Choose olive oil (and other high quality fish) and fish oil – high quality uncontaminated fish oil capsules

] whole grains, brown rice, wheat fruits, rye fruits (these are cooked when soaked It is a beautiful grain), barley, millet, whole wheat.

Crossland vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage (19659002)

sunflower and pumpkin seeds – preferably crushed

almonds and walnut – preferably crushed

berry fruits (especially blueberries, raspberries, blackberries etc ), Citrus fruits such as liter lemelon, lemon and so on. Warm / fresh lemon juice / hot water is the best way to start the day.

Very useful drinks …

Organic green tea – 5-10 minutes steep

Miso soup – buy miso soup or just add hot water to miso paste's TSP

soy milk, yogurt, berries Seed, ground seed

filtered water …

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