Healthy diet – description of the four food groups


When considering changing your diet to reduce your weight or to improve your health, you need to make sure that all four food groups are in equilibrium. If you can make a meal that includes all of these food groups with the necessary measures, your health and weight impact will be very positive.

1. Proteins provide what the body needs to grow healthy. Proteins also dominate metabolic and hormonal functions. Metabolism is a major factor controlling your body weight and higher metabolism is more calories than your body burns every day. Therefore, if protein is sufficiently obtained, there is a healthier metabolism, there is a high possibility of ingesting more calories every day, less dietary therapy to lose weight. You can find proteins in foods like chicken, eggs, fish, dairy products. Unfortunately the side effects of these types of foods tend to have a high fat level. You can also avoid this by eating foods rich in proteins such as seeds and pulses that also provide protein. If you eat too much protein, side effects such as kidney stones and gout may occur. It is important that they eat in balance with other food types.

2. Fats and oils are often seen as bad for you, but it is an important part of meals. They are called essential fatty acids and are contained in fish, nuts and seeds. They are necessary because the body can not produce itself, it is an important component in our overall biological system.

3. Fruits and vegetables provide fibrous vitamins and minerals and many other important ingredients. Most people think that only fresh organic vegetables are worth to eat, but frozen and root vegetables also supply valuable nutrients. If you eat enough fruits and vegetables everyday, the immune system will be strengthened, the appearance of the skin will be improved and every aspect of health will be improved.

4. Carbohydrates can be found in both processed and complex forms. Most processed carbohydrates must be avoided and include foods such as white pasta, cakes, and bread. They have many sugars and saturated fats. Complex carbohydrates are contained in foods such as veins, wheat and couscous. They are essential to give you the energy you need to function on your body. Without carbohydrates, you are likely to feel tired and drowsy.

5. Fiber is the fifth food group that needs to be included in a balanced diet. Its main purpose is to keep the intestines clean and regular. Without enough fiber, your body will struggle to remove poison and waste. It is also very effective in prevention of some diseases.

By eating the correct balance food of these five groups every day we are giving everything necessary to keep the body healthy.

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