Healthy Cooking Techniques – Eight Simple Healthy Cooking Techniques


Healthy cooking actually requires few changes to most people. By replacing items and using various techniques, you can increase the precious nutrients of food as well as reducing fat intake. As you begin the experiment you will notice that healthy cooking techniques will actually improve your meal.

1. Add herbs to your food. Herb is the power stuffed with vitamins and minerals without adding extra calories. Adding herbs increases the flavor of the dish and makes it more exotic. You do not have to be a gourmet chef to do this. Simply experiment. Do you know that parsley contains a powerful antioxidant substance and that termites contain substances that help prevent diabetes? Spice rack has a world of treatment.

2. Reduce salt intake. Increasing your herbs can also reduce the amount of salt. Herb adds more taste and less salt needs. Reducing salt intake lowers the likelihood of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Combining this with other healthy cooking techniques will improve not only the taste of your food but also the quality of your nutrition.

3. Steamed your vegetables. You have heard the expression, do not throw away the baby with the water in the bathroom. It is exactly what you do when boiling vegetables. Boiling vegetables leach nutrients out of vegetables into the water. Steam vegetables instead. You can find a small steamed basket to fit in your pot. In addition to touching vegetables, please put in a basket containing vegetables, add cover and heat and add water to the bread. You can tell that taste is better if all the vegetables are steamed. Add spices at the end.

4. I use unsaturated fat. Avoid certain types of fat, such as trans fatty acids and saturated fats, and cook more health. They are simply heart health. Canola oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil are suitable for use in cooking. Olive oil is another. This is one of the healthy cooking techniques that makes a big difference in the possibility of coronary artery disease.

5. Increase vegetables and fruits for each meal. Adding vegetable options to each meal increases the amount of health nutrients that your family can use. The more options you offer, the more diversity you have. There is also an appetite like vegetables

6. Reduce the amount of red meat in your diet. Some people eat only steak and potatoes. You need to interact with them. Please reduce the cut of meat and slowly reduce the size of the steak you offer. You will not notice, you will be healthier, you will notice that your grocery bill will go down.

7. Let's nuts. Nuts are a major source of plant proteins. Most people do not consider nuts to be the main dish, but simply periodically use it can reduce the amount of animal protein in the diet. Waldorf salad made from apple, celery, walnut or pecan and mayonnaise or salad dressing provides both protein and valuable nutrients. The FDA approved the walnut as heart health food with the other seven nuts

. Become creative. Burritos do not have anything better than salads. Make your salad, but chopping lettuce and other vegetables finely. Please put finely chopped chicken and add dressing. Put it in a burrito wrapper and have a meal to eat for children not touching the salad.

Just using some healthy cooking techniques can improve the taste and healthy quality of the dish. It does not mean that you must give up everything you love but simply change it to be healthier for all your family members.

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