Healthy and Easy 10Min Recipe: Shrimp and Brown Rice | Healthy Eating Advice


There is an easy, quick and healthy dinner recipe for shrimp and brown rice. This dish is actually a complete meal of protein, whole grain, vegetables.
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· Olive oil
· Onions, green peppers, tomatoes
· Pinch of seafood seasoning
· Turmeric pinch
· Quickly make brown rice
· Chicken soup
· Frozen shrimp
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Heat your frying pan and please add some olive oil. Add onions, green peppers, tomatoes and fry in olive oil. Cook until the vegetables are soft and squeeze turmeric and seafood seasonings several times. Add quick brown brown rice to a frying pan, saute for about 1 minute and season to make it taste better. Let's add the chicken broth to the frying pan and boil it. Add frozen shrimp on rice, lower the heat and cover the frying pan. Please cook until 12-15 minutes, or rice is cooked.
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Take out the frying pan and add fresh lemon juice, hot sauce of taste, and fat free Greek yogurt and mix together. Sprinkle fresh parsley on top shrimp and brown rice
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Herbalife nutritionist Susan Bowerman makes it easier to become healthy with video playlists recipe:

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