Healthier Eating in 5 Easy Steps


1. Read the label when purchasing packaged food.
Look at calorie, fat, sodium, sugar, fiber figures. Also, how many servings do you have? If you have 600 mg of sodium in a can of soup and have 2 servings, 1200 mg of sodium will be half of the recommended daily allowance if you eat the contents of the whole can.

Please also look at the raw material list. I can not pronounce dozens of ingredients, I can not find something else. Avoid purchasing if the label hurts "partially hydrogenated oil" (indicator of trans fat content), high fructose corn syrup, red 40 (and other colors).

2. Please make sure that whole grains are obtained.
Please search for bread made with 100% whole wheat or whole grain flour. Packages may advertise whole wheat, but unless it is stated as 100%, only a portion of this healthy cereal is included (the rest is bleached white powder). Other good whole grains include brown rice, wheat pasta, bran / wheat cereal (check sugar content), oatmeal and barley.

3. Replace saturated fat and trans fat with healthy fat.
Saturated fats are contained in aliphatic animal proteins, creams, butter. Trans fatty acids are included in processed snack foods such as crackers, cookies, bakery and so on. You can identify them by looking at nutrition label. When it contains a "partially hydrogenated oil" it has trans fats. Healthy fats include fatty fish such as salmon, olive oil, avocado, nuts.

If weight gain is a concern, pay attention to the size of the part. All fats are calorie / g more than twice as much as carbohydrates and proteins.

You have heard this a million times, but please replace the liquid lost in sweating, exercise, excessive sodium intake. Your skin looks better and has more energy. Also, muscle spasms are usually aided by rehydration (and potassium – eating your banana).

5. Please plan your meal every day.
The biggest mistake made by people is not planning. They work all day and go home to eat what is on the cupboard, or go out and have two days' calories. If you can not escape for a regular meal, please bring a healthy snack nearby.

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