Health Tips for Post-Menopausal Women


Eat for health

In contrast to eating for weight loss, to learn to eat for health is to post in a magazine. If you have not started the journal, please run it now.

First of all, please publish a diary every morning and make a meal plan for that day. For each item of your plan, "Does this promote the health of my body?"

Three major keywords for low fat protein, whole grain flour, fruit and / or vegetables, and fat free dairy products Balance the meal.

Do not force yourself not to eat food you do not like.There is diversity in our food supply so that you can eat healthy food you enjoy. [19659003] First, count fat grams, carbohydrates, protein grams.Ca note the calcium and vitamins.Count calories.Please record these values ​​in your journal.

Your metabolism Enhance

Two things happen to the calories you eat, they burn out for energy or are stored as fat.

If you eat the same number of calories as your sister, you are fat and she is thin, the difference is that your metabolism is working more efficiently than you

to raise the rate of metabolism There are two ways: You can build more muscles.

You should practice aerobic exercise everyday. You gain immediate spike in BMR (basic metabolic rate) The more exercise you do, the less you worry about restricting calories.

If you strengthen your muscles, you get a high BMR even at rest.To maintain muscle mass rather than maintain fat

live with joy

Depression is the leading cause of a non-healthy body.If you do not place importance on the purpose of your life, you should smoke, Alco

If you do not understand the purpose of your life, think about what makes you happy and incorporate it into your life.

Several suggestions:

(1) Find a church you can believe and involve.

(2) Let's take classes at a local university.

(3) Let's take classes at a craft store.

(4) Take a hobby and master it.

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