Health food that loses weight you do not want to know


I am devoting my utmost effort to seeking health foods in order to lose weight. Most of us have a definition of health condition including your weight and body fat percentage. If someone says that he is healthy, I expect that it will be slim and trim even without extra fat. Healthy food should not give us weight, but what is healthy food to lose weight?

Healthy foods that lose weight are everywhere in everyone's diet. These are not magical foods with special properties to change metabolism or burn fat. We are already on a diet, but by working on a diet these foods will work for you. So, first of all, let's take a closer look at this problem by looking at what kind of food is healthy and seeing how to work magic.

I think healthy eating is very easy. Your goal is to eat as much natural food as possible. Do not eat it with bags, bottles, bottles, cans, packages, cartons when it is processed. If it is used for more than 7 days, please do not eat it. So what are we leaving? Colorful natural carbohydrates such as meat, fish, chicken, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. As you remove processed food and packaged food from diet, you can see that most of these foods are based on wheat, rice, wheat, and corn. Things like bread, biscuits, cereal, pasta. Many people believe that many of these products are an important element of the average diet and cause diabetes, obesity, heart disease all over the world.

Removing carbohydrate-rich foods will bring us back to a more natural meal. We call it "classical diet" because we resemble what we ate before our fathers became farmers. Scientific literature has begun to show that this approach is the best way to lose weight. What I have not agreed until recently is how this weight loss carbohydrate diet will help. The real reason is that it reduces the effect of insulin in your body.

I need a little scientific explanation. Insulin is a hormone released from the pancreas that helps regulate blood sugar. If there is too much sugar in the blood, insulin will help convert it to fuel. Insulin also plays a major role in fat storage. Therefore, if there is too much carbohydrate, the body can release insulin and promote fat accumulation. But wait for it to get worse. What happens due to excessive intake of carbohydrates, it is out of time, body cells are less susceptible to insulin. Therefore the body often needs to release more insulin that can cause more fat storage. That is a vicious circle.

So, the answer is yes, there are health foods to lose weight. It is all about seeing the intake of carbohydrates. By doing this with the food you eat, it will allow your insulin to balance the fat storage of your body. You can forget the non-fat low-fat diet, fashionable meals and calorie counts. What you need to do is eat more natural food and avoid what was processed. This is the way your body eats and if you obey this meal it will work in the way it assumed.

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