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The idea of ​​accepting a healthy lifestyle is growing more than ever before today. What to do with the presence of increasingly terrible diseases. To begin your quest for health, sneak up on this list of health foods, and please start pouring out, huh!

* Avocado – This mysterious fruit has the ability to lower your cholesterol in your body via oleic acid and increase the level of HDL. It also has plenty of fibers that are good for the body. Indeed, some slices of avocado dressing up your hamburger will be a healthy alternative. Drop mayonnaise, avocado is also delicious!

* Raspberry – This fruit from the Berry family has too many good profits to ignore on the body. In part, it has known ingredients that can interfere with ellagic acid, cancer cells. It is also equipped with vitamin C and fiber that can help your fight against high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.

* Raisins – Who thought such small animals would be very advantageous for your health? Raisins help to enjoy the full supply of iron, an important factor in transporting oxygen in the blood. It also has some fibers that are much more useful.

* Garlic – Anyone who says this is not worth the spot of our health food list should be enlightened. The garlic, along with the flavor it brings to the food, comes with a very important nutrient to it that our body is necessary to keep it healthy. It has its ability to lower LDL cholesterol, fight high blood pressure, and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

* Peanuts – We all know that peanuts can make us wise. Its ability to supply the necessary amount of our daily protein and more, it is also injected with unsaturated fat which can reduce the risk of 20% cardiac disorder.

* Yogurt – Yes, it has active bacteria and, interestingly, it is where health benefits come from. Yogurt bacteria help to protect you from yeast infection. In addition, it has calcium which strengthens the bones. In addition, yogurt is also suitable for people with lactose intolerance. It will not confuse the stomach, because you can load it for healthy you.

* Crab – Not only very tasty, crab also contains nutrients that our body needs. Vitamin B 12 and zinc are included. It strengthens the immune system while you fill up the delicious meat! In addition, crab meat is low fat. There is no need to worry about risks.

Healthy Eating Tips

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