Health effects of soy protein


If you are a woman, you can experience better health and other benefits by including soy protein in the diet. Weight loss, better cardiac health, bone health and skin health are just a few of the benefits of eating more soy protein everyday. It is no wonder that more research is being conducted to find out how soy protein supports women's healthy lifestyle habits.

Unlike soybean protein, clinical studies are being conducted on the role of soy protein as it is a complete protein that soy protein is low fat . Many diet programs nourish your muscles and say that fat should eat more protein as fat burns. Soy protein reduces fat accumulation, but increases muscle mass which is the focus of at least one current study. Also, soy protein is a high fiber, low calorie, low carbohydrate food and many people can easily eat tofu without eating tofu.

Soy protein is being studied for the positive impact on women's health problems . shows eye fatigue and other discomfort associated with menopausal disorders . Soy protein has also been studied for its effect on reducing breast cancer risk .

However, there is a risk of eating soy products that need to know whether there is a hormonal imbalance such as estrogen dominance . Isoflavone, a phytochemical of soy protein, can mimic the effects of estrogen in women's body. If your body has too much estrogen, other hormones such as progesterone cause estrogen-related problems such as endometriosis and adenomyosis (19459003).

While trying to enjoy the benefits of more proteins during dieting, soy protein which is concerned about eating too much animal protein, is a viable healthy alternative .

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