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This is a typical conversation in most mornings, sometimes a snack weekend between my wife and my 4 year old daughter.

"Mom, I am hungry." "What do you want to eat?" "Egg sandwich"

She sprayed freshly crushed chili into a freshly baked whole grain homemade bread sandwich Then I wanted to cook with a small amount of virgin olive oil with moderate heat. I introduced her to eggs when she was an infant. Eggs are easy to chew and must be part of the daily diet awarded to children over the age of one. I recall that a daughter like an infant eats egg whites first, then blows the whole egg yolk of a hard egg straight into her mouth. I still remember it when I was a kid, and my mother always gave me a hard egg whenever I was hungry. How was the time of the era when eggs were given as snacks?

Today, we live in addiction – a heretic society. Of all addiction there is one of the most deadly things that is most often overlooked: junk food. Every day we eat junk food for children without realizing it. We are all doing this thing. It is easier to withdraw the crisp bag than suffer from hunger when the child is hungry. This practice is accepted in rare cases, but our social problem is to use this sort of junk food as a common everyday snack.

Did you know that processed food is also junk food? When most people listen to the word "processed food", the first image is a wrapped hamburger and french fries are served at the counter of the fast food joint. But the truth is that it is handled in case of boxing, bagging, canning, bottling, freezing or dewatering, and because there is a list of ingredients in the label, food in your cabinet will be processed. Processed food has been changed from the natural state because of "safety" and convenience. Processed foods are much more convenient than pouring a dry mix with a box open, adding eggs and some oil, and baking the cake from the beginning. How about taking ready-made meals at the store rather than cooking with fresh ingredients? Is it not easy to pop a few minutes with a microwave? There is neither hot pot nor bread, it does not get confused! But processed foods are colored. They are often unable to eat, are carcinogenic and harmful to the body. According to research, coloring of food can cause child's hyperactivity and decreased concentration. Chocolate, cola, flavored drinks, snacks are full of artificial coloring. These are not the only additives in processed foods. Do not forget sophisticated salt, sugar, preservatives, flavor enhancers, and other so-called beneficial supplements. Children are particularly vulnerable to these unnatural ingredients. Dietary habits of the poor delay growth, collapse new teeth, promote obesity, sow seeds of diseases and debilitating diseases, lead to intractable diseases and death, or to inhibit life.

About 80% of mothers thinking that your child's meal was "very good / good / healthy" because they overestimate the quality of their child's diet. This is very worrying. Because mothers who do not know that children are following an unhealthy diet do not make appropriate modifications to improve their child's diet. Please let the children eat properly, not just one of these mothers. This can only be done by reducing the introduction of processed junk food into the diet. If you think that you are one of these mothers who are already doing this, think again. Do you eat your children's bread from bakery? Can you give a bottle of "fresh juice" juice? Do you give them fruit yogurt? Do you spread toast or sandwich with commercial butter or margarine? Are you using canned tomatoes to make your sauce? Do you eat frozen sweet corn and peas? The worst thing is, do you give them unwashed apples? This line of questions can be continued, but if you answered 'Yes' to most of these questions, your child has an unhealthy meal! (If you want to know more about the foods above, why are they considered unhealthy, is your food killing you?

How to make a simple egg sandwich For example, a fried egg sandwich consists solely of bread, eggs, perhaps butter and the oil used to cook the egg.The advantage of handmade bread is that our article " Wholegrains and Its Benefits. "The benefits of homemade butter are explained in the blog Egg is a high nutrient density food containing high quality protein and a wide range of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. [19659003] Egg is an inexpensive low-calorie nutrient source such as folic acid, riboflavin, selenium, lecithin, vitamin B-12, A. Egg is one of the few extrinsic sources .. .

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