Guide to filling women – Top 50 places to find your next girlfriend


The frequently asked question I am asking is "Tony, I'd like to work on such things, but I do not know where I will meet women, I fully understand. There is no Google Maps showing where all the hot ladies in your city gather.One thing you have to understand is that you can meet any woman.When you walk through the street When I go to a grocery store, I always have the opportunity to introduce myself, but I gathered a huge list of places to fill a woman.

Before going to the list, some notes There is:

Do not a creep – a woman in the conference is a side benefit of going to the place listed in this list. To try out a new one instead of looking for a woman Go to these places, for example, because there is a cool new thing, I will move to a couple of your friends and an art walk.It should not be a creepy person who can only hit a woman, it changed Action

Make a group of friends – Gather groups of people who always go together – as you meet a woman, she seems to be participating in an enjoyable party already on the way,

Type of place = type of woman – a place where women know to correlate directly with the type of woman to which they belong, for example, if there is no person going with them, A woman in hardcore, punk rock, dive, bar will probably be very different from a woman she meets in a local church. Take the idea of ​​the type of woman you'd like to ever and then go to the place you frequently go to next, if you do not know, you can try out all of the list. [19659002] There is no order of importance – there is no important order in this list, some will pop out to you more than others, please open to try everything Women more than others There is no better place to satisfy … You can attract and attract women anywhere cool men.

Women can be greeted anywhere – women can always meet bars and clubs to meet women I think that it is necessary to go. In reality, you do not need to be too far from existing routines. Walking along the street and going to a grocery store, I always have a chance to meet new women.

1. Social media site (Facebook) – I know a lot of people with great success with women through social media sites like Facebook. No doubt art and science will go to this route, so for messaging girls will do your research on how to go without getting out as a creep. But as you lose it there is sky in the amount of women you can fill.

2. Coffee shop – Women are always drinking quick drinks, drinking with other cute friends, or working in places like Starbucks and Caribou Coffee. These are very low places to defeat the conversation

3. Local College – If you live in college, this can be a gold mine for young, single, and hot ladies. My recommendation is to go to school in summer. As there are not many people on campus, girls are always looking for new people.

4. Bookstore – If a girl is browsing a book section, you know a bit, so walking and getting into the topic is very easy. Tip: Weekend afternoon and weekday evening are when most women are found in the bookstore. Bookstores are often empty occasionally.

5. Jim – A woman regularly going to the gym is definitely the type you want to hang. They take care of their bodies, are voluntary, and often occasionally outgoing … all the wonderful nature of girlfriends

6. Museums and Galleries – I am not going to tell a lie, but museums and galleries are not the most target-rich places on weekdays. But on the weekend you can start talking with women with these places no matter what gallery you have.

7. Laundry · mat – Women get tired of their minds with washing mats. Therefore, as a man like yours approaches, I will talk more. This is a wonderful opportunity. Because you both spend up to two hours while waiting for your clothes to be ready.

8. Local swimming pool – a woman in a bikini … well, should I say more?

9. Beach – Again, unexpected.

10. Pet shop – Many women who have dogs and cats regularly go to pet shops to get food and food. This is "Hey, did you try this type of dog food? I am taking care of my fellow dogs I do not know what I am doing … I will help …" [19659002] 11. Hardware shop – Although it may be thought that the hardware shop is driven by testosterone, many women frequently purchase household garden products and random accessories

] 12. Ikea – This is not only the perfect place to meet a new woman but also one of my favorite places to take a girl to date. You can walk around and you can look around as a newlywed person who is buying furniture. When we meet …

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