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In the world of soft drinks including today's fast food, package snacks, processed snacks and sugar, teaching children healthy eating habits is a real challenge. However, it is true that there is temptation all around, but it is still possible to plant healthy nutrients for your children. In fact, parents more than ever, the child must bear the responsibility to avoid obesity traps. Key: The earlier you start, the better.

The basics for teaching children about good nutrition should be placed when they are babies. Dr. Michael Breen of Chicago's medical editor suggests that parents should regularly expose new food to their children. For example, we may introduce toddlers to broccoli in a week and introduce black beans the next week. Breen also encourages children to introduce new foods according to their favorite food.

It is not what you are saying, but children do as you do

Sometimes you need to practice what you preach if you want your child to eat well. In the March 2000 study published by the American Heart Association, it turned out that there was a strong connection between the parents who showed impulsive diet and obesity to children. Even if the child is not accustomed to food directly, it is important for parents to know that they are being influenced by diet.

For example, let's consider a mother who eats a little ice cream from a container while watching TV at her 5th birthday. Children did not eat ice creams themselves, actually only moderate amounts of ice cream were allowed, but their mother's behavior is still indirectly their attitudes, opinions, and ultimately their own diet It affects.

Another interesting point taken up in this study is that parents who recorded the highest scores on the dietary restriction scale (an individual's effort to limit dietary intake) had consistent body fat High parents whose scores are high on that scale. This is because parents trying to control over-eating by children (such as IE "End pasta all before playing" or "No desserts until you remove your dish"), but the possibility that children will lose It suggests that the ability to regulate and recognize their own hunger clues.

Beginning early, what else you can do as a parent to cultivate your child's healthy nutritional foundation, including practicing what you are preaching and regularly introducing new foods Do you? There are other simple hints to get you in the middle:

o Limit soda to special occasions, provide water instead, do not drink juice with sugar. Really healthy and fun snacks for kids is a real fruit smoothie. They pack not only the punch of nutrition, but also the taste very good!

o It is preferable to use milk containing 2% or less of milk fat, 1% or skim

o Do not completely restrict food (Of course, children have allergies to that food Except). Restricting or banning certain foods tends to go backwards and tends to search for more forbidden foods.

o When introducing new foods, please do not force children to eat. If they taste it and express disgust, do not finish them with food. Instead, please put it apart, probably prepare it another way and reintroduce it in a few months. For example, if you do not like cauliflower, please make a delicious sauce after a few months.

o Breakfast is important! If there are children who do not particularly like the traditional "breakfast food", a small part of the remaining dinner will do that trick. The goal is to promote metabolism and prevent overeating of lunch and snacks from excessive hunger.

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