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James received a wake-up call to get back in shape on the day he turned 70. He was watching a video of himself shuffling to the podium to give a speech. All I could think about was how old I was. He knew he had to do something. In the past, he was so busy building a career that he did not even think about it. For 30 years, he had no exercise program and even made some attempts to get in shape, but nothing seemed to give up. Determined not to repeat the mistakes of his past, he banished any mental image of himself with undulating muscles. Ego and vanity would not deviate him from his fitness goals. One of his greatest goals at 70 was to be able to carry out the ordinary activities of life without hurting himself or being restricted due to rigidity and pain. He wanted to keep moving, active and energetic. To accomplish this, James hired a coach to help guide him on his physical training trip, and week after week he slowly began to grow stronger and stronger. The hard work he did with his coach helped his back pain virtually disappear. James began to see improvements in the gym, which continued until the rest of his life. For example, entering and leaving the car, carrying groceries and moving from one place to another. Over time he began to do these activities more easily and fluently.

Today James is 76 years old and feels very good. In his last visit to the doctor, his doctor was surprised with the results of the test: a low heart rate at rest, normal blood pressure and a significant decrease in his LDL cholesterol (the "bad"). He could not do a single push-up and now he's 50. When he started his exercise routine, James left because he felt he had to do it, but now he works because he wants to. "Physical exercise has become my most satisfying hobby," shares James. He remains motivated because the harsh reality of "getting in shape is not as difficult as dealing with the diseases of old age," James reveals.

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