Gay Men, Eating Disorders and Crystal Meth Addiction


A gay man is a population who is at risk of body image and eating disorders. Gay men are susceptible to anorexia, bulimia, muscle weakness, and motor poisoning. Homosexuals seem to be successful for apparent reasons, but straight men are likely to succeed for health reasons. One reason for body image concern is for social acceptance and social acceptance in the gay community. For this same reason, homosexual crystal methotredon is always high. Crystal Meter can be used to test and maintain a specific body image, unchanged from anorexia and bulimia.

In addition, the survey shows that appearance is very important in the situation of encounter. Gay men place importance on physical appeal in partners and dates. In a straight couple, straight men emphasize physical appeal, and straight women look for other qualities. Here, men who do not meet the cultural standards of charm can still enjoy legal births for other reasons. But for homosexual men, this is not always the case. Both gay men seek charm and have attractive ideas. Here, a gay man feels eating disorders, amphetamine addiction or predisposition to crystal metabolism can provide physical appeal.

Some of the body images and eating disorders are due to internalized homosexuality (homophobia). Recent studies have revealed that the highly homogenized body is consistent with the image of the negative body. Such links may lead to compulsive exercise, loss of appetite, bulimia and other disorders.

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