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My family had a large garden for the six of us when I was growing up. We ate organic again when it was not the in thing to do. I was more than ten years old when I had my first can of processed soup and I thought it was wonderful! As an adult raising my own family in this busy world, I turned to the path of processed foods.

But this year, I realized that all the health advice I had been ignoring was true. You really are what you eat. In my heart, I knew this, but I did not have the interest, the time or the wisdom to eat healthier. In the rush of life, he had ignored what the experts were saying.

"Fools despise wisdom and instruction." Proverbs 1: 7b NASB.

The reality of my stupidity hit when my own very painful verification of reality came with dividends from all the processed and quick food I had eaten. My body complained with painful symptoms that would not go away and could not be ignored. Given the shortness of life and a series of precancerous cells, I stopped to listen. On the recommendation of my doctor, I am now paying more attention to what I eat. Taking better care of my health motivated me to find the time and energy to grow a garden.

To my delight, my four-year-old grandson calls him "our gahden." His emotion has been contagious for our family. and he made the gardening fun. At the end of winter, during my health scare, we both planted seed trays and cultivated them in the warmth of the kitchen. Small fingers of child plowed furrows and scattered seeds. His big brown eyes opened in wonder and his face burst into a satisfied smile as the ground rewarded us with rows of green shoots. Laughing with joy, he called me to see. "NeeNee, come and see the little pwants!"

My son and my grandson helped me build a garden with terraces on the side of my house. On Good Friday, our baby wittle pwants were lovingly taken out of our kitchen nursery and transplanted with care to their new hillside home. Our tender seedlings began to …

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