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Children have natural curiosity and energy, so it is a pity to put them in front of the tube as regular activity. Ideally, play time should be helpful in promoting full development of children, but it is a mode of real play and pleasure. For example, encourage regular physical activity in sports activities, walk in the park. Let 's demonstrate your children' s imagination and creativity in art projects. These types of child activities satisfy both objectives. Let's look at the activities of children who provide a lot of fun for children while promoting development suitable for healthy age.

Craft projects will help children develop their athletic ability, creativity and problem-solving skills. Making a colored paper daisy chain and clay objects is an example of a good activity for young children. The older children enjoy the weaving and bead kit.

Science can be an excellent, favorite activity for children. Children are very interested in nature. They dig in the soil and love to know bugs, birds and plants. Let's get an ant farm. Go to the hobby shop and buy cheap microscopes and prisms. Children love to check things with a microscope. I make the world I want to understand completely new. Prism is attractive to children.

Although it is true that most children spend time in front of the television, you can use the tubes wisely. Discovery Channel and Animal Planet provide a program to enrich children's knowledge so that even young children can understand. Children watching these programs when they are very young often continue to attract this program to their teens. So please do not pay any TV. This strategy allows you to feel that the children are not disturbed by the time of the TV, but it is a wonderful activity for any age children.

Video games are subject to discussion among parents, educators and psychologists. Some people say that they should be allowed only to a limited extent, so the children are not completely screen oriented. However, video games have numerous studies that proved to significantly enhance exercise capacity and complex problem solving power compared to children who do not play. Video game is a wonderful activity for children if you choose a violent and aggressive game. To prevent the addictive nature of video games, please set beyond the approved period.

Activities for children including summarizing things are recommended. This includes paper projects, L egos (TM), T inker toys (TM) and Lincoln Logs (TM). Clay, paper mash, beading and weaving projects also fits here.

The best kind of activity for children, which promotes healthy development when you think about it, is the activity the child loves most. I just give you some instructions.

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