Frequently asked questions about halitosis


Q: Is bad breath ill?

A: The answer to this question is yes and no. No bad width medically known as bad breath is related to how we hone our flavor and floss. Due to the different food we eat, there is a tendency for bacteria to accumulate in certain parts of our mouth which are promoted by remaining food traces.

Eat food and drinks, regular tooth brushing or flossing will cause bad breath. Smoking also brings bad range. Normally, bad breath will disappear when people smoke. On the other hand, a bad spread may also be the result of disease, especially periodontal disease. Once mentioned, smoking may also generally cause periodontal disease and periodontal disease. This should be handled by a doctor.

Q: The best way to know if you have a bad width

A: It is a difficult task to check your own width to see if you have bad breath. There is a myth that suggests that you can check your width by breathing on your hand. This seems to be actually misleading when you are not using your throat as you do when you are talking. Your bad range is experienced primarily by others when you are talking. Bacteria that cause bad breath will flourish behind the mouth near the throat and the result will be more pronounced during conversation than breathing.

The best way to check your breath is to ask your close friend how your breath smells. This may be embarrassing to do it, hence it is necessary to speak with the neighbors. You may also visit your dentist to gain expert opinion and official position about your condition. This includes the effect option of address.

Q: Does a healthy diet help deal with bad breath?

A: As mentioned earlier, what we eat is ultimately responsible for our breath. Therefore, it is possible to manage bad breath state using everyday food we eat. Beginning with a healthy diet is important for general health that is beyond our breath. For example, fruits and vegetables are the key to reducing the health of our heart, the state of blood pressure, and even the risk of cancer.

Some researchers say that apples, carrots, celery play an important role in effectively managing bad breath. These are fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. The idea here is that fruits and vegetables that help you produce plenty of saliva will help to wash away your mouth. This gives small room for bacteria to form.

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