Four Scary Creatures to Avoid in Madagascar


If you are planning to take a vacation in Madagascar's African country, there are things beyond the sunset beaches and jungle wildlife you negotiated. On the island where the line between fantasy and reality is very often blurred there are four strong inhabitants that can not protect you from anger even if you take cheap travel insurance before you travel:

Songaomby [19659002] Inexpensive travel insurance insurance can not protect you from death if you meet this huge human eclipse antelope. But if you are lucky enough to escape in the hardship it will pay your medical expenses. But if you meet songaomby, some words of advice, then climb the tree, like a German zoologist did in 1876. If you meet a rhino or a lion, this will protect you from danger, but the song has a special trick to beat you.


Caranallo is drawn as a small human. Karanalo is drawn as a small human being, but it is an animal with long nails and hair everywhere in the body. Some say that it is almost like Lulur, others are convinced that it resembles trolls and dwarves in certain Scandinavian countries in Europe. But local people believe they are very spiritual. If your parenting skills have not been hurt recently, you may want to rethink your trip to Madagascar. This is because Kalanalo is believed to search for bad parents and replace the child with the descendants of Kalanalo when he is asleep. Some local residents reported a case in 1998 when children were taken away from their parents in Kalanalo. But after the parents left honey and sake for Kalanales, the children were returned immediately

the giant's eating tree

In 1881, Carl Riches gave her a virgin to the massive human esophagus of Madagascar I sacrificed it. If you think local people can take you to a huge human esophagus, taking cheap travel insurance may cover your trial costs during your trial. Of course, if you are convicted you will not be able to protect you, but at least impending death will be quite painful. Reach reported that the tree clamped the coil around the body of the victim, made a flow of viscous fluid colored with honey, and mixed with the blood of the victim. Another example of human eating trees was repeated as early as 1879. When both observations were made it can be imagined that both observers were smoking very different leaves.


Insurance will certainly cover your medical expenses if you hit an arrow from a half horse of this half. But, if you are traveling to Madagascar at half a month, you need to worry about finding him. A man, usually witches and politicians attend Bibirona, but the difference is not known whether it is a half moon or not.

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