Four High Protein Diet Ideas


Protein diet does not mean all meat! Many vegetables are very much protein. You will also ingest carbohydrates in the vegetables, but unpurified carbohydrates are good for you.

It is a big energy source. The carbohydrates to avoid are refined starch and sugar.

Fine meals based on protein, meat, fish, poultry and so on. It will also have a bean and its blood relationship. Black eye beans and chick peas (galvanzo beans).

There are also some good green vegetables for dessert, green and lovely banana cracks (ha ha, I lied about dessert).

This is a nice breakfast menu.

  • Sirloin steak, 4 ounces, grill (medium rare).
  • Eggs, two poached poached.
  • Germinated cereal bread toast spreading natural peanut butter.
  • Fresh fruit compote (refined without sugar).
  • High protein powder shakes with raw milk and a small amount of local honey.

A lot of proteins and 'good' carbohydrates. It probably has less calories than Big Mac and it's much better for you. It is a wonderful start of the day.

How about the lunch menu?

  • Grilled tuna steak, 4 oz.
  • Broccoli, steamed
  • Cheese sauce (for broccoli)
  • Tomato's green salad
  • High protein powder shakes with raw milk and a little honey.

How is dinner?

  • Chilliconkane; lean ground beef (90%), red kidney beans, tomatoes, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper, chopped halapeno, water
  • Callsaw (sour cream, mayonnaise, no raisins)
  • High protein powder shakes with raw milk and a little honey.
  • Dessert – Bowl of fresh fruit.

These are just a few examples of how to prepare a high protein diet. This is another one:

  • Tuna grilled steak – 4 oz
  • Steamed broccoli – 1/2 cup steamed carrots – 1/2 cup
  • Garden salad – oil and vinegar dressing
  • High Protein Shake – Protein powder containing raw milk and a small amount of honey

There are many tasty high protein diets that you can prepare or order from the menu of your favorite restaurant.

As more and more people become aware of healthy eating habits, restaurants have offered a wider selection of healthy foods.

And mothers, I know that macaroni and cheese are easy to fix and your child seems to love it, but do you know what they are doing in their body What?

How about choosing healthy bread instead of nutritious, unhealthy, tasteless white bread? Try germinated cereal bread, they are moderately healthy and nutritious.

Here are other healthy options for your protein rich menu:

  • Salmon – Choose fresh or canned onion, please make salmon cake with (very) low bread crumbs and eggs. Bake them and serve with sour cream and dill sauce.
  • tuna – Can chopped on onion, chopped celery, relish of sweet pickles, tuna and egg salad with sour cream.
  • chicken – Saute with no skin breast or thigh, onion oil, onions and garlic. After making brown on both sides, put crushed tomatoes, oregano, basil and cook for 45 minutes with a lid. Please add 1/2 cup of red wine for additional flavor.
  • Turkey breast meat – Bake in an oven for a light season or bake indirectly.
  • Cajun Ten Bean Soup – Simply cook in water with packaged dried beans and onion and chopped garlic. Add cut chicken. In the case of raw, at the beginning of cooking, near cooking in case of cooking.
  • egg – Prepare onions, mushrooms, omelets containing a small amount of cheese and frittata. Please try to blow a lot of air for fluffy omelets.

It is not difficult to come up with a delicious, nutritious, protein-based meal. Combine high-protein main dish with healthy taste such as fresh vegetables, garden salad, protein shake and so on.

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