Forget diets: try this easy daily detoxification


Megan grew up as a military brat. His father was in the Air Force and the family moved every year. His mother was frustrated with the preparation of meals, so she relied on fast food to feed her family. "Towards the eighties, people did not know any better and my mother already apologized!" Says Megan, who was an active girl. She did not gain weight but she had acne. In college, Megan's activity level dropped and became slow. As a result, she gained 30 pounds. All her friends were on diets. "I was never able to stick to anything for more than a couple of weeks," says Megan, who began to overeat.

After graduating from college, Megan began to illustrate greeting cards. At that time, she was introduced to the raw food detox diet. "It was my first presentation on the importance of food quality," he says. Megan also learned about the concept of combining foods, a method to eat consciously and keep certain food groups separate to aid in digestion. In 2009, Megan got married and moved to Los Angeles. He worked from home illustrating greeting cards and started an online nutrition course as a hobby. Since then, Megan has become a certified nutritionist and graduated from the Institute of Integral Nutrition and the Natural Healing Institute.

Megan's concept of detoxification is not the popular short-term clean. While juice fasts and other cleanings have their benefits, Megan believes that it is much more important to learn to eat well on a regular basis. "There is no need to wait for the perfect time to clean," says Megan. "No matter what your schedule or excuse is, you can always find a way to eat healthy foods in real-life situations." Our bodies come equipped with detoxification organs: skin, liver and kidneys. "My focus is to reduce the burden of these organs," she says. Artificial colors and flavors are more things that the body has to detoxify …

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